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The Six Rules of Gaining Wealth: Rule 6—Be Flexible

This rule also plays a big role in your ability to successfully follow the other five.



Flexibility is the ability to adapt to any situation, event or incident. When you’re flexible, you can take advantage of sudden, unexpected opportunities that can jump-start your momentum. You can also better navigate problems that might normally get in your way or slow you down.

  But being flexible isn’t just about being reactive—it’s also powerful in helping you become more proactive. When you’re flexible, you can anticipate changes and adjust your plans so that they enhance your efforts.

How does one learn to be flexible?

The first step is realizing that nothing, even the most well-designed plan, is written in stone. When you refuse to allow yourself to become overly attached and dependent on your plans, you open up your eyes and your mind to the currents of energy and change pulsating in the world.

Think about these currents the same way a SURFER thinks about a wave –  

When he rides it, he must:

Mental Flexibility

If you can do the same thing—ride the waves of change and energy flowing through your life while directing your mental surfboard toward your goal—you can better navigate the other rules of gaining wealth and help ensure the success of your future.

Postema Flexibility


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