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The Six Rules of Gaining Wealth: Rule 2 Stop Worrying About a Lack of Talent

The second rule to gaining wealth is to stop worrying that you lack the talent necessary to succeed. As you go through life you’ll meet many people with a variety of different abilities. Some will have talents and skills similar to yours while others will be completely different. I can attest to this—I’ve met many different and interesting people in my life, some who share talents and others who could do things I never dreamed possible. There are many people in this world, and they range from genius to average, gifted to extraordinary. What’s really important, however, is that each person is unique and talented in some way. This includes you.

While writing my book, You Deserve to Be Rich (Click Here to View Book), I studied the lives of a number of wealthy individuals. I discovered many tips and tricks to becoming wealthy, but I also learned a lot about talents. While conducting research, I saw wealthy people who possessed a range of talents. Some of these people were even considered talentless by society! Why? Because they were average. This proves that even if you think you lack talent, you can become wealthy. Being average doesn’t hold you back from the opportunities that can help make you wealthy; you just have to search out the opportunities that are appropriate for your skills, knowledge and experience. Even better, gain new skills, experience and knowledge and increase the number of opportunities you can take advantage of.

Sure, there are wealthy men and women who are considered to have genius or extraordinary talents. There are also a good number of wealthy people who are ordinary—nothing extra about them. Being wealthy doesn’t mean you have more talent or ability than others; it simply means you know how to use the talents you have. Find your talents and run with them. You never know where you might end up.

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