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The Six Rules of Gaining Wealth: Rule 1—Stop Blaming Your Environment

Stop Blaming Your Environment For Your Failures

I want you to do something for me today. Well, really you’re doing it for you. It’s a quick step that will absolutely change your financial future. Ready? Stop blaming your environment for your failures. This is one of six simple rules that will help you achieve the wealth you desire.

What’s Your Environment Got to Do with It? Nothing!

Many people blame the environment they grew up in for the reason they are where they are in life. Is this truly fair? Do people who grew up in one type of neighborhood have a better chance to achieve wealth than those who grew up in another? Nope. They may have been taught differently, encouraged differently or had different expectations, but the opportunities for wealth are there for every single person. Everyone has the chance to work his or her way to success and wealth.

Now, I’m not saying that some people don’t have it easier than others. Growing up in a middle-class neighborhood with parents who are saving for your college tuition is definitely different than growing up in poverty-stricken area where no one expects you to go to school and no one will help you pay for it. But here’s the distinction: while environment does play a role in how easy it is to achieve wealth, it doesn’t have the power to stop you from pursuing opportunities and getting there despite the obstacles.

Every person who grows up in a good neighborhood is not destined to be rich, just like every person who grows up in a bad neighborhood isn’t destined to be poor. Just because you (and I) are average doesn’t mean we don’t have the power to become extraordinary. If there are rich people in your town, you can guarantee there’s room for more. Will one of these people be you?

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Author: Dennis M. Postema

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