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The Art of Encircling: Issue Eradication

We all face problems every single day of our lives. Eradicate your issues with a thorough technique known as encircling the problem!

Issues can range from being minuscule mood-drivers, to day-ruiners, all the way to life-changing events that will forever revolutionize the way we exist. For the sake of inclusion and clarity, here are some synonyms for “issues” that apply to this topic:

Argument, Concern, Matter, Affairs, Controversy, & Problem

Any of these words trigger recent memories and events from your life? If they don’t, I might be a little concerned that you’re living under a rock. Issues, no matter the size, are unavoidable in daily life and if left unresolved can cause future problems that might be worse than the original. On the other hand, if you recognize that you have multiple issues that seem to keep reoccurring but you’re not sure how to get rid of them – this is perfect for you.

Example #1 – Smallpox Eradication

The technique of ring vaccination was invented by a group of extraordinary people known as The Eradicators who successfully exterminated smallpox, a deadly infectious disease that has claimed the lives of millions over thousands of years. As described in D.A. Henderson’s book Smallpox: The Death of a Disease, “Wherever an outbreak was found, the Eradicators swooped in and vaccinated every person they could find in a community or ring of houses around the outbreak. In this way, they surrounded each outbreak of smallpox with a wall of humans who were immune to the virus. The virus would burn itself out inside the ring and would vanish in that spot.” Without diving into the details of the annihilation of smallpox, the technique used is what is most important. The Eradicators knew that if they encircled the problem and worked their way towards the middle, the disease would suffocate and have no chance of survival.

Example #2 – Humpback Whales

Humpback whales perform a phenomenal encircling strategy to solve a problem we all face on a daily basis – appetite fulfillment! In a mutual teamwork effort, several whales work together by sending signals and creating circle bubble barricades that entrap schools of fish which drives them towards the water surface. At just the right moment, the rest of the whales swim towards the tight group of fish and scoop up all the fish they can catch in their mouth. This technique is highly efficient, but only works because the group is working together to complete one goal and keep their focus at the center of the circle.

Watch the video:

Example #3 – The Pincer Movement

The Pincer Movement (a.k.a the double envelope) is a war tactic that has proven useful several times throughout history that is also a method of encircling the enemy or issue that is to be resolved. This strategy works by sending two simultaneous flank movements around an enemy as they are moving towards you. As they get closer, the two flank units close the gap behind the enemy, creating a circle around the unit which cuts off all support efforts and obstructs supply routes. This technique is also highly efficient, but only works if both rear flanks meet behind the enemy and completely encircle the problem. All forces then move in and destroy the problem as a unit with one goal in mind.

All three techniques have one thing in common – they encircle the problem and cooperate to complete a goal. They all will work and will continue to work if they are done correctly. However, the ultimate downfall of any of these techniques is the meticulous effort that must be enforced at all times to ensure that the circle remains intact. If the Eradicators let one case of smallpox escape a village, their efforts were pointless and the disease would continue to spread. If the humpback whales do not work together to create the bubble entrapment system, all would starve to death. If the rear flank movements do not close tightly together to create a circle, the enemy can not only retreat but they can bring in reinforcements and implement the same strategy to destroy you.

If you have been arguing with your parents, caught in controversy at work, or had problems that just won’t seem to get out of your life, these techniques might be able to lend you a hand. Regardless of the type of issues you are facing, understanding that entrapping the entire issue before it can be resolved is crucial to a successful life.

It is your job to identify the factors that are included in the problem, now use the encircle technique to draw your mental circle around them and squeeze towards the center until the problem no longer exists.

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