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Taking The Day From Bland to BAM

Today was a bland day. You know the kind that doesn’t result in much. Nothing exciting happened and I was bored and restless. The day was sapping my energy—or was it my lackluster outlook that kept anything exciting from happening?

To be honest, if I had met someone new today, they would not have been impressed. My personality was not a shining example of a strong leader or even a weak one. It simply said blah. I’m sure you have days just like this.

The fact is each day is filled with unexciting and mundane activities and tasks. This is real life. What makes it all worthwhile is balancing those regular duties with more motivating ones. When you add motivating factors—those that rev you up—with the routine stuff that has to be done, you add some spice to your days. It’s that spice that makes you a more exhilarating and interesting person.

Tomorrow I plan on taking a new approach. I’m going to write my to-do list with this thought in mind: add two motivating activities for every draining one. For example, if I have to meet with an employee to reprimand them, I am going to counterbalance that drain by planning to tell someone else what a great job they’re doing or by posting a new project on the board to get everyone excited.

If I had to take a child to the doctor tomorrow for vaccines (draining), I would counterbalance this with a surprise trip to the ice cream shop for a cone afterward and some video game time with him or her later in the evening.

I’m going to begin creating balance in my life so I can remain excited and interested in all my activities. If you have to handle some draining stuff, it’ll be more tolerable if you can look forward to something truly rewarding and motivating later. Give my strategy a try. You just might be surprised at how it helps to build your confidence, energy and mojo.


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