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Start, Finish or BOTH?


I had just started a new job and the owner of the company asked all the employees to read a book called “Achieve Sales Excellence.” I was like “oh great he is one of these guys!”  However, the book left a huge footprint on my life. In the book, the author talks about two different types of people; starters and finishers. Starters are usually great visionaries and get things going fast and over-stretch commitments. However, starters tend to end up with a lot of unfinished projects.  Finishers will make an idea real and manage their time and follow through with the vision, but they lack in starting new things.


This idea has stuck with me for years! In my work relationship and friendships I started noticing who was  a starter and who was a finisher. It was funny to me how we were all one or the other. It was very rare that I saw anyone that was both.  In the book he does mention it is very uncommon to be both.  Then I really started to pay attention to myself!  Yes, self-reflection can be scary but this was really neat because it helped me strive to be both.


I happen to be a great starter.  I will start anything! New jobs, books, diets, exercise, projects, crafts…ANYTHING!  But I noticed how many things I didn’t follow through on and it made me feel bad! Especially when I would over commit to things and projects that others were involved with and I didn’t follow through on my commitment. To this day I am great starter and mindful of how I finish things.


What is awesome about being a starter or a finisher is that neither one is better than the other!  It actually goes to prove that we need one another to really get through this life!  I have learned not to take the relationships that I have for granted because we’re each serving a purpose in each other’s lives and sometimes that purpose is to help start or finish!


Lastly, I am impressed I finished this blog! I got excited when I was asked to write a few guest blogs and my emotions were high when I committed to doing it, but I am so glad I finished it.


So what are you; a starter or a finisher?  Do you see the mixture in your relationships?

Erin Davis



  1. AWSOME AWSOME !!!!!
    Definitely a starter over here =)
    I mean I still have an unfinished wreath at ur house lol

  2. GREAT food for thought Erin!!! I love blogs, be proud of your first one and cheers to many more!! Karol

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