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Priming Your Kids for Perseverance

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Priming Your Kids for Perseverance

If you’re a parent, you probably have a strong desire to give your kids a better childhood than you had. This totally understandable urge could cause you to make their road through life far too easy. The real way to give your kids a better childhood than you had is to fully prepare them for the difficulties they’ll invariably face in the future and arm them with a tendency to persevere. Here are three tips to help you lay that foundation with your children.

  1. Don’t solve their problems—help your child or children work through them.

No one likes to see their child struggling or in pain, but when you swoop in and handle their problems for them, you take away their ability to develop fortitude and problem-solving skills. Instead, try sitting down and talking to them about their struggles with the goal of helping them develop a plan that they can execute.

  1. Be a good example.

If your children see you being lazy, giving up on your goals or trying to take the easy way out, they’re more likely to do the same thing. Instead, be a good example of reasonable, successful perseverance. Show them what it means to really succeed and to devote yourself to persevering.

  1. Be honest.

Perseverant people know that theirs is not always an easy road to hoe. This is not something you should hide from your children. You set them up for failure if you try to make perseverance look easier than it is. Instead, be honest about your struggles and show them that you value the trait and its results despite its difficulty. That way, they move forward with a realistic notion of what they face and the rewards it brings.

There is one true way a parent can give his or her child the gift of a happy life, and that is by showing them the way to persevere. In what ways do you teach your children these important lessons?

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