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Perseverance – A Trait of Great Leadership

Perseverance is a trait common among great leaders. Perseverance is a steady persistence in a course of action in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement. An individual who leads a group of employees, colleagues or another group of people needs to exhibit perseverance in order to successfully lead the team down the path to achieving its goals.

A leader who demonstrates perseverance does not give in when confronted with an obstacle or faced with an unexpected difficulty threatening to waylay team members as they advance on their path to success. A great leader will have the ability to persevere even when the going is rough and team morale is low. Potential low team morale is just one obstacle lurking in the shadows that might derail the team’s advancement. One of the best methods for a leader to persevere through a short bout of low team morale is to find the cause of the low morale. Is there a disgruntled member whose negativity is affecting the rest of the team? If the leader shows strength and the willingness to discover the cause of the low morale, the team will persevere through this difficulty. Not giving up until the root cause of the low morale is found is definitely an example of the leader’s perseverance when faced with an issue threatening the success of the team. Once the cause is discovered and the situation can be corrected, the team morale will again enter a positive zone – all due to the perseverance of the team leader.

Any team leader will be faced with unexpected difficulties, obstacles or situations structured to prevent the team from reaching its goals. A great team leader will examine the circumstances of the difficulty, find a potential solution and set about implementing methods to allow the team to persevere through the obstacle and continue on the road to successfully achieving the team goals. If a leader does not have the ability to persevere when confronted with difficulties, the team members have an extremely poor leader and their chances of accomplishing the team’s goals are slim. Thus, perseverance is an essential trait or characteristic of a great team leader capable of leading a team to success!

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