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Motivate Millennials in the Workplace


  1. Explain the Vision:   Millennials want to understand the big picture so they can really dive into their work and get excited and passionate about it.  Unlike other generations they are not afraid to ask why if they don’t understand the vision.  Even though we may feel like it, this isn’t to be annoying they just really want their work to have meaning.


  1. Flexibility and Growth Potential: Flexibility is one of the most sought after drivers for millennials in the workplace because they appreciate a work life balance.  Also, many aren’t afraid of self-responsibility if the flexibility is a reward.  So let their hard work pay off by giving them small growth opportunities quickly.  Remember we live in a new age where people want instant gratification so the old incentives may still work but if he takes longer than a fiscal quarter to complete and get a reward you could lose some millennials.


  1. Include Fun and Balance: Many people are used to all work no play.  But millennials see work as an extension of their social network.  So although holding people accountable and making sure you don’t run a circus is important, make sure you try to keep a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


  1. Give feedback and Encouragement often: Giving clear expectations from the get go and giving honest feedback and encouragement are often a great contributing factor for millennials in the workplace although they may need it more often than past generations one thing remains the same; praise in public and criticize in private.


  1. Listen to their Ideas and personal Projects: I cannot tell you how many great ideas the millennials on my team have brought to me.  The entire generation is surrounded with technology and a fast paced ever changing environment.  Since they have grown up with all this around them they are very full of great ideas.  Make sure you take time and listen to those ideas and personal projects that they may have a passion for.

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