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Leadership Skills

M&S 7.7.16

When typing “great leaders” into the Google engine search bar, “The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders (2014),” by Fortune.com is the first article to pop up. Scanning through the article some of the great leaders listed are, Pope Francis, Angela Markel, Warren Buffet, Dalai Lama, Derek Jeter, Angelina Jolie, and the list continues. There are other great leaders from this year and many years prior, such as Martin Luther King Jr. While each of these leaders lead in a different way, they all have common traits. So what makes a leader a leader? We will examine five practices of great leaders below:


  1. Figuring out your “non-followers”: Great leaders will learn from the people that don’t follow them or don’t buy into their beliefs. Making sure you reach out to them is an important aspect of being a great leader.
  2. Welcome Risk: Playing it safe will either keep you “breaking-even” with either your following or your company’s monthly goals. Embracing risk and learning how to handle it will make you a better leader.
  3. Lead by Example: Lead the way to how you want others to be or act. Being a leader your fan base will try and imitate your ways, so leading the paved path is important.
  4. Put the business in front of your own goals: Building the business or organization to become bigger and more successful will ultimately help you in the long run of becoming a great leader.
  5. Being Active in the Field: Being aware of your business or organization is very important and while allotting work is important too, if you delegate all your work off, you will lose touch in “the field” and your leadership skills will suffer.

As there are many other traits and attributes that make a great leader, here are five common traits that many leaders have in common. What attributes do you look for in a leader? What sets a leader apart from an everyday worker?

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