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It’s Okay to Color Outside the Lines

As a child I was always very careful to stay within the printed lines when I was coloring until I realized those were not my lines therefore why did I need to follow them? I could not only expand my coloring beyond the lines and still have a great picture but in several cases I could incorporate the existing lines into a new design. Was I crazy? No, just being imaginative by allowing my natural creativity to escape beyond the restrictions set by the coloring book pattern or society in general.
Even if my end result was an unrecognizable wildly colored design it was mine – all mine – the product of my creativity! Nowadays coloring outside the lines runs along the same premise as the cliché “think outside the box”. Be willing to not only expand the box but be willing to turn that box upside down. Viewing the situation or “box” from an entirely different angle might provide you an opportunity to create, invent, or just change something for the better.
Don’t allow society to restrict your thinking or stifle your creativity. Be willing to color outside your lines and who knows what you might be able to create or develop! Possibly lurking inside you is an idea to change the world but until you are willing to color outside the lines you will never know.


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