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It’s just a bad day, NOT A BAD LIFE


Dang it! As I peak through my windows, I see my car keys boldly lying on the seat. I tug at the door handle; yup, it’s locked! Just great! What else can go wrong before my work day even starts? I had already overflowed the coffee on my freshly mopped floors, my dogs would not listen this morning, and I didn’t have time to deal with them because I overslept! I franticly ran back into the house to find my spare key and my dogs are under my feet because they are so happy to see me one last time before I leave. I yell “GO LAY DOWN!” I know I confused them and hurt their feelings but I am now truly running late!

Finally finding my spare key, I put it in the door and the car alarm goes off! Seriously! Sorry, neighbors. Finally, off to work! Oh wait, where is my cell phone? I carried it back in when I went to get my spare keys! COME ON! Now after running back in, I’m finally on my way! I get out of my car at work and look for my lunch – but where is it? Still sitting right where I left it on my kitchen counter at home! I grumble as I storm into my office. Now, this is what I consider a BAD day!

I get situated at my desk and start my computer as I am sitting there with a look of pure disgust on my face. I turn to grab a file behind me and there hangs a quote “Be grateful for everything you have and stand for”.

How quickly I got caught up with what is WRONG in my life and not what is RIGHT! As I take a deep breath, I realize I am acting like a child not getting my way.  Yes, I locked my keys in my car but I am truly grateful to have a newer car to drive to work every day. Yes, the dogs were under my feet but how lucky am I to have two dogs that love me and look forward to seeing me every single day? How lucky am I to have a job to rush around for?

It’s so easy to get caught up in a personal pity party of my life but I need to realize I am here, I am alive and it’s going to be OK! So, take a deep breath with me and think of all the things you are grateful for. Let the negative go; it’s only hurting you.

Think of something so positive you can’t help but smile. Think of the last time you had a wonderful day with a loved one or the last time you helped someone who needed help, remember how you felt? If you can’t remember something good, CREATE IT!  I’m a strong believer that if you help someone feel good about themselves; you will feel good yourself!  Next time you feel like the world hates you, step back, breath, let it go and do something to make yourself smile!

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