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How One FATHER Changed My Life

With Father’s Day quickly approaching I was starting to think of Father’s Day gifts, what card I was going to get, and if I was going to update my social media about how special my dad is to me. Then I started to think…. What would I share about the guy that raised me as his own even though I’m not.
See at the age of 3 he decided he was going to take on the biggest job you could ever take on. He adopted me and became my DAD. From that point on I had a full- time dad. We had the father and daughter relationship I assumed every family had. We had the best of best times and the worst of times. I would get so mad at him just like any young girl does with their father. I grew up learning hard lessons and he was there to pick me up, kick me in the butt, or just sit in silence when I needed it.
This made me think about all the life lessons that my dad taught me over the years. He has taught me so many that I couldn’t list them all but the biggest one that stood out to me was this:
One person’s decisions, actions, and words can reflect and make a difference to so many other people!
He made that decision to adopt me at the age of 3 and as a result I grew up with a loving mother and father and the best brother. I had a family because he chose that for me! And to this day I still pick up that phone when I need my dad, even as a grown adult! Thanks dad for teaching me life lessons that I’ll never forget and more importantly showing me how to apply these life lessons.
In honor of Father’s Day I thought I would ask the Motivation & Success staff to share life lessons from their dad:
When I moved out of my parents’ house, my dad wrote me a list of things to always keep in mind and do. I remember 3 things from that list…

1. Give money to the street musician (as it turns out my own child made his way from Ohio to California and back as a street musician)
2. Always wrestle the bear (Take opportunities as they arise, no fear, no regrets. You may never get another chance)
3. Call your mother…


“Nothing you get in life is ever given to you. You have to work, and work hard to get the things you want.” ~Kate

“He taught be always bite my tongue no matter how hard it is. To always be silent when you want to talk the most” ~Jen

“Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself” ~Julie
“Never let anyone take advantage of you and always be true to who I am. He has taught me how to be a strong, kind and caring person.” ~Kerry

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