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Five Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Motivated


Measure/Track Progress –   It’s  easy as a business professional or entrepreneur to ignore things and just go with the flow.  I can tell you this won’t last for long and even if it can, it’s still not a great idea.  Reality is that what gets measured gets done. That is just the fact.  As an entrepreneur you want to be tracking sales numbers, income, expenses, advertising dollars and social media expense. Once you track this you also need to track the results that you receive from each expense.


Reflect on Victories and Losses – Fail, just fail faster and learn from your mistakes.  That is some of the best advice I have ever been given in business.  You need to reflect on not just failures but also victories. I keep a victory journal with small wins for the day so that I can see my progress and make sure my companies are headed in the right direction.


Take time for off for yourself and family – Burnout happens to all of us especially entrepreneurs. Weeks and months of tough decisions for the betterment of the company and your employees can become extremely overwhelming.  Make sure you take a break to get your motivation back and clear your head.  There is nothing I love more than a nice trip with my wife to relax and just smell the roses.  It helps me come back to my business completely refreshed and renewed to get the creative juices flowing again.


Visualize Your End Game – Visualizing is a great practice for anyone wanting to aspire for something more.  But most great entrepreneurs have a great vision of what they want their company to become.  I often think of what Stephen Covey said, “begin with the end in mind.”


Self-Management – When working not only with myself and co-workers but also coaching many people in business I can tell you this is one of the biggest problems out there.  I would suggest each day and week sitting down and making a list of priorities then transfer those priorities into categories such as delegating, automating, and even eliminating so that you can truly understand the concept of self-management.  Also, if you want a great book on this topic I would suggest Dan Kennedy’s “No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs.”

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Dennis M. Postema, RFC, is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, coach, speaker and registered financial consultant. He is the founder of MotivationandSuccess.com, StoriesofPerseverance.org, FinancingYourLife.com and TheRetirementInstitute.org.

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