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Down in the Dumps? 8 Things You Can Do to Get the Warm and Fuzzies Back In Your Life (for relatively cheap)

M&S 8.11.16

1.) Random Act of Kindness- How many of you have ever been the recipient of a random act of

kindness? Whether it’s someone paying for your coffee or for your family’s dinner, wasn’t this

an awesome feeling to know there are still good people out in the world? Now, imagine if you

were the one doing the random act of kindness. Next time you’re in the line at Tim Horton’s or

McDonald’s, consider paying for the person behind you. It will make their day, but it will also

give your heart an additional sense of pride in knowing you did something generous for

someone else.


2) Donate to your Local Food Pantry- The next time you’re at the grocery store and have a few

extra dollars left in your monthly budget, consider picking up a few extra cans of soup or other

non-perishable food items. Food pantries are always looking for donations and this is just a

small thing you can do to make a big difference.


3) Visit the elderly/homebound- When was the last time you visited your parents or grandparents

on the drop of a hat? Or when was the last time you popped by the nursing home just to chat

with some of the patients who may be lonely. This is a free gift that you could give anyone who

may be lacking interaction with other adults. You have no idea the impact that a 20 minute

conversation could have on these people and again, it’s free besides your time.


4) Call a loved one/old friend- Everyone experiences down times in their life so if you know of a

friend who is going through a tough time pick up the phone and give them a call. They will get to

vent to you and you will also get some thoughts off of your chest and be able to catch up on the

“good old days.” This too is a free gesture that could make a huge difference.


5) Plan a night out with friends- Who doesn’t love a night out on the town? We get so caught up in

our adult lives that sometimes we forget to have fun. We all expect our friends to invite us when

they get the chance to go out, so why not take the initiative and plan something fun? You could

use some good laughs and some time away from the stress of everyday life.


6) Hand out compliments – When was the last time someone said they liked your outfit? Or your

new hairstyle? One small compliment can completely change our attitude that day and also how

we perceive ourselves. Make sure you’re honest with your compliments, but make it a point to

compliment at least one person every day. You will quickly realize what an impact one small

compliment can make on someone’s day, including your own.


7) Volunteer – There are so many organizations in your community that are looking for

volunteers. This could be a one- time event or you could join a committee for an organization that

works year round. Most of these organizations only meet once a month for less than an hour.

In addition to making you feel like you’re contributing to a great cause, you will also meet a lot

of people in your community this way. It’s a double win!


8) Attend a local event- There are loads of kids’ baseball, football, soccer, etc. games in all of our

communities. Most of these events are free to attend and offer some good laughs throughout

the games. You don’t have to have children playing to attend. There are also plays and musicals

that are put on in our communities that are typically free to attend. These are all events that will

cheer up your spirits.

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