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Don’t Live in Fear

m&s blog 7.28.16

Just a little over a week ago our community was shaken by a senseless act created against a woman who

had her entire life ahead of her. On Tuesday July 19 th , 20 year-old Sierah Joughin went for a bike ride

down her county road and never returned home. She was murdered by a man she did not know. This

young woman had her entire life ahead of her. Who knows what she would have gone on to do? Her

family is left to ponder who she would have married and the type of mother she would have been. They

are left to ponder why in the world someone could have so much hate in their heart to commit such a

senseless crime. This case has worn heavy on my heart, not only because I am an avid exerciser within

my community and often times go alone, but because that very well could have been my sister, mother,

best friend, aunt or cousin.

If nothing else, this whole ordeal has made me think about two important lessons in life.

#1 Every day is not promised. Sierah did not wake up that day knowing it was her last day on Earth. If

she had, what would she have changed? It is a reminder to all of us to go out and chase your dreams. Do

the thing you’ve always wanted to do, forgive the person you’ve always wanted to forgive, make the

change you’ve wanted to make. Tomorrow is not promised, so live every single day of your life like it is

your last. If you want something, go get it! You never know when you might not get the chance again.

#2 There is always someone out there who is fighting a battle harder than yours. I’m sure we are all

guilty of complaining about a flat tire or a traffic jam, but the hardships we face from day to day cannot

compare to what that young woman faced in the final minutes of her life. I think about that night over

and over in my head and I have to stop to remind myself that life does not always go as planned, but we

need to learn to embrace our circumstances and appreciate the moments we are in. No matter how

chaotic or unplanned these moments might be, they are still moments that we are experiencing on this


I ask you to live each day not in fear but in hope. Do not fear going out and walking alone or to go on a

plane in fear of what MIGHT happen. Live each moment in the hope that the world we live in will

someday be a world of peace and tranquility. A world where we encourage and support one another

instead of betray and hurt one another. Lend a positive word to someone you know needs it. Forgive

someone who is not worthy of forgiveness, not because they deserve it, but because it will make your

heart stronger. Make it a point to better those around you. Live every single day like it is your last, for

we never know what each day is going to bring.


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