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Have You Completed Your Quarterly Reviews?


We are already halfway through April of 2016. Time is flying by! March ended so quickly and

April has gone by quickly but one important question still stands; have you done your quarterly

review(s) yet? March 30th was the end of the first quarter of 2016 and did you accomplish what you set

out to do so far in 2016? Are you on course to achieve all your goals?

It is so important to review your ANNUAL goals on a QUARTERLY basis. It is also important to set

quarterly goals and reward yourself when you achieve these goals. Some of my clients choose to reward

themselves by taking their spouse and kids away for a weekend if they achieve certain goals while

others do something as simple as going out for ice cream.

No matter what your reward is, it is crucial that you take the time to do a quarterly review for

your business, yourself, and also your employees. There are a lot of templates out on the internet that

you could use, but you could also make your own template with the things that are very important to

you and your employees.

Whatever way works best for you to track your progress throughout the year is going to be

crucial to your success. You should be reviewing your numbers on a weekly and monthly basis but the

quarterly review has to be taken seriously and done in a timely matter.

With May quickly approaching make sure you take this week/weekend to do your quarterly

review(s). You may be surprised at the results!

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