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Commitment – A Trait of Great Leadership

The dictionary defines commitment as a pledge or promise; engagement; involvement. Whichever variation of the definition you prefer each illustrates a trait which is required in a great leader. It does not matter if an individual is leading a group of employees, colleagues or another group of people, the leader must display commitment to helping the team achieve its goals successfully. This commitment to guiding the team on the pathway toward accomplishing it objectives must be evident to the team members in order for the team to reach its goals. If the team thinks the leader is not committed to being successful, chances are the general consensus will be “why should I?’

If you as a leader expect your team to work hard and produce the results necessary to achieve its goals you need to lead by example. There is no greater motivation than seeing the leader’s commitment to the team’s advancement displayed by getting “down in the trenches.” Working with the team members to successfully reach the team’s goals shows involvement in the team’s effort to be successful by achieving it goals. By proving your commitment, not only will you earn your team’s respect but you will be able to instill some of your hardworking energy into your team members.

Additionally, it is not only imperative to show your commitment to the success of your team but also to any promises you might have made in the form of enticements to the team members. If you made a promise to the team it is important you keep that promise as you do not want the reputation of reneging on promises. Make a commitment to keep your promises to your team members and you will earn their respect as well as gaining the reputation of being an individual who keeps promises, works hard and is a fair leader. Having the respect of your team members is important as once you have gained their respect, they typically are more likely to work hard and go above and beyond while doing the best job they are able. Your team members will be committed to achieving the goals once they see you are also committed to successfully attaining those goals.

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