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Taking The Day From Bland to BAM

From Bland to BAM

Today was a bland day. You know the kind that doesn’t result in much. Nothing exciting happened and I was bored and restless. The day was sapping my energy—or was it my lackluster outlook that kept anything exciting from happening? To be honest, if I had met someone new today, …

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Upgrade Dreams of Success

Motivation is not something that can be taught. Motivation is a drive, a passion, the feeling inside of us that wants to break out and prove our unique greatness to everybody. Within each of us lies potential for greatness and yet there are those who make the decision to waste …

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Rise and Shine

Find Your Greatness

Motivation video “Rise and Shine” to get you moving, to get you inspired, to remind you that you can. YOU CAN! Destiny waits for nobody! Remember that when you get the opportunity to rise above and prove that you’re the best and that the work you have put into making …

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5 Motivational Sales Videos to Get You Going

When your sales team is in a rut, sometimes all you need are a few motivational sales videos for your team meetings to jump start their productivity. While relying on gimmicks and inspirational videos isn’t exactly the best long-term way to build a team of salesman, occasionally mixing in some …

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Can You Have it All?

Everyone wants it all—I know I do! But is it really possible? Can a person be successful, have lots of money, have a happy family, great friends and a loving relationship? It may seem impossible, but it isn’t. Yes, you can have it all! What Is Your Reality? Reality is …

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