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“Your problem isn’t the problem. Your reaction is the problem” is a quote by an anonymous author. After reading this quote, my first thought was – what? If I have a problem then it’s a problem. But on further examination and considerable thought I realized this quote is trying to …

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Listening – A Valuable Skill to Master

“A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he knows something” is a quote authored by the American playwright, Wilson Mizner. As this quote implies, there is much knowledge to be learned from just listening to others. But in order to gain this knowledge one must …

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A Different Viewpoint of Failed Attempts

Thomas Edison once said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. What a great way for him to view his efforts which did not produce the results he was striving to achieve. If someone as triumphant as Thomas Edison can look at his attempts in …

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Setting Realistic Goals

There’s a big difference between those who want to succeed and those who actually do succeed.  What is the catalyst to their success?  Goals! Goal setting is more than merely making a list of the things you would like to accomplish. Goals give you the chance to create the future …

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Creating a Mastermind Team

The secret to your success may not lie with your abilities or your talents, but rather, in the types of people you surround yourself with on a daily basis.  Your business is only as good as the people running it. Find a great team of people to give you the …

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