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Finding Start-Up Funds for Your New Business

Starting a business takes more than just a great idea and knowledge. It also takes money — lots and lots of money.  In the past the best place to get the funds necessary to start a new business venture was the local bank to secure a small business loan.  Unfortunately, …

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Naming Your Business

“A rose by any other name …” these words by William Shakespeare have been pondered for hundreds of years and for good reasons; a name is a powerful thing. The same is true for your business name.  It can make you a success – or it can guarantee failure. Impossible …

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Finding the Right Employees

If there is one mistake you will want to avoid now and in the future it is choosing employees solely because they come cheap. Just because one person will work for minimum wage does not mean you will get as much work (or quality work) from them as you would …

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Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed in Business?

It has been estimated that as many as 70% of all adults dream of owning their own business.  Yet, very few even try; let alone succeed.  What is the disconnect between this internal desire and the reality of making that dream become a reality? To be perfectly blunt, not everyone …

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Developing a Winning Working Team

Most young entrepreneurs begin their careers doing most of the work themselves.  They handle everything from sales to marketing to the accounting to even cleaning the office after hours. There isn’t anything focused entrepreneurs won’t do – or can’t handle – at the beginning of their careers.  But, as your …

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