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Motivation And Success

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A Tragedy Changed My Life and Increased My Self-Esteem

There are many individuals seeking help to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. This article briefly describes how I pulled myself out of depression and boosted my own self-esteem through hearing about a tragedy which happened in my neighborhood. I am the type of person who for over forty years saw …

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Honesty – A Trait of Great Leadership

Whenever you lead a group of individuals whether they are employees, colleagues, or any other group of people they will look to you for guidance. Therefore, you must display qualities which will inspire them and give them a behavior to emulate. Honesty is one trait great leaders typically display. Honesty …

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Highly-motivated – A Trait of Great Leadership

Motivation is important in all life’s activities as it impacts mental as well as physical human reactions. A highly-motivated individual has one of the most important qualities necessary to be successful in life. High motivation is a common trait found within a great leader. Whether an individual is the leader …

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