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Are You Truly Happy?

Do you get up every morning being thankful for what your life represents? Would you change your life? Are you where you thought you would be? If no, who is stopping you from being happy? Everyone is guilty of becoming comfortable in their life. Is that always bad? Are you …

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My Daily Routine as an Entrepreneur

Recently, we have been working on a project for one of my companies and we have run into a few snags but otherwise it is going very well and moving along quite nicely. Then randomly someone reached out to me to talk about a project that we have about 75% …

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The Psychology of the Purchase

You may understand the link between a customer’s character and personality better now, but did you also know there is a psychological process to every sale? Whether it is small one dollar purchase or a million dollar purchase, research has shown the human brain goes through a 10- step buying …

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