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Dennis M. Postema

Dennis M. Postema, RFC, is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, coach, speaker and registered financial consultant. He is the founder of MotivationandSuccess.com, StoriesofPerseverance.org, FinancingYourLife.com and TheRetirementInstitute.org.

Enemies of Perseverance, Part 2

  Last time, we talked about laziness, which is the first enemy of perseverance. Today, let’s take a look at another enemy you need to get ready to vanquish: discouragement. Discouragement Discouragement is the cessation of all the motivation you once had to reach a goal or achieve a certain …

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Enemies of Perseverance, Part 1

It might sound like the plot of a political thriller, but perseverance has enemies—enemies that are lurking inside you. Here’s the good news: enemies of perseverance can be overcome by many qualities. The bad news? You can’t fight an enemy you don’t know exists. Before you can rally your virtues …

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Create Your Own Reality

While having lunch the other day, I listened in on an argument. Please don’t think harshly of me. I didn’t mean to listen in, but the couple was louder than they should have been if the intention was to keep their conversation completely private.   The couple was sitting in …

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Succeeding in the Workplace

  Competition in the workplace is greater these days; therefore, it takes more to stand out from other employees. That’s why you need to have clear goals to know where you are headed. Keep your focus on your goals; otherwise, you may find yourself getting sidetracked along the way. You …

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Do You Fear Success?

  People fear success for various reasons. The truth is success can be scary. Some individuals think they aren’t good enough to be successful. Rather than believing in their own abilities, they think there are others who are better than they are. It helps to find someone who has already …

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5 Essentials to an Incredible Attitude

Take responsibility– So many people get this wrong by blaming others for their bad day or bad attitude. Remember, no one can put you in a bad mood without your consent. Your attitude is your problem and the minute you understand this and take responsibility of it you can begin …

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Developing a Gratitude-Filled Mindset

It’s not always easy to learn the skill of gratefulness, especially when you’re going through a difficult time. But once you begin to see the little positives in your life, you pave the way for seeing the bigger ones you’re currently overlooking. Developing a sense of gratitude doesn’t just make …

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Five Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Motivated

  Measure/Track Progress –   It’s  easy as a business professional or entrepreneur to ignore things and just go with the flow.  I can tell you this won’t last for long and even if it can, it’s still not a great idea.  Reality is that what gets measured gets done. That …

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The Six Rules of Gaining Wealth: Rule 6—Be Flexible

This rule also plays a big role in your ability to successfully follow the other five.   FLEXIBILITY Flexibility is the ability to adapt to any situation, event or incident. When you’re flexible, you can take advantage of sudden, unexpected opportunities that can jump-start your momentum. You can also better …

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