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Are Your Employees CARING for Your Customers?

It does not matter what type of business you run, every business needs to ensure their employees are caring for the customers properly.  An easy way to make sure your customer service is top notch is to institute the CARE program in your office.

C – Communicate

Communication is a skill that must be learned. Take the time to teach your staff how to listen (really listen) to a customer’s questions and concerns. For starters, employees should be taught to listen to the customer’s entire dialogue. Frequently, service representatives stop listening when they think they know what the problem is and therefore never get to the root of the issue. This can make a customer feel unappreciated and unheard.  But once your staff begins to truly listen and communicate with your customers they will notice their interactions are going more smoothly even when an issue arises. Consequently your customers are certainly more satisfied.

A – Attitude

The way your employees act and react to your customers can have a direct effect on their overall satisfaction.  Insist your employees remain friendly, outgoing and helpful regardless of the customer’s demands.  Appearing frustrated and overwhelmed by a customer will only antagonize the situation.  Give your employees strategies to use to help them work with difficult customers in an easy going upbeat manner.

R – Respect

No business can stay afloat without their customers – even difficult customers!  It does not matter whether or not a customer is a gem; they deserve the staff’s utmost respect.  Remind your employees that without those customers they wouldn’t have a job!

E – Effective Problem Solving

Problem solving is essential when dealing with customers and their problems on a daily basis.  Train your staff to think quickly, act kindly and get assistance when they need it.

When looking for the right people to put up front with customers, look for these basic characteristics:

  • Knowledge: if the employee doesn’t know your products and services then keep them away from customers until they learn!
  • Understanding – a good customer service rep should be able to handle a customer’s concern in an even tempered manner without being either wishy-washy or overbearing.
  • Problem solving:  the best people to work with customers are those who can think quickly and find solutions to almost any problem.
  • A sense of appreciation:  when an employee understands the important role the customer plays in your business they show a more appreciative attitude; something customers want and expect.
  • The ability to admit when they are wrong: it isn’t always easy to face a customer and admit you made a mistake and apologize.  Those who work directly with clients should be able to do that when necessary.

Not every employee will exhibit all these characteristics from the start, but with time, patience and instruction you can teach them how to interact with your customers and provide the best customer service possible.  Remember, take CARE of your customers and they will take care of you.

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