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3 Steps to Creating a Vision Board

Using a vision board has changed my life. For starters, it helped me use my imagination to turn my once goals into reality.  I have used “the vision board” process to accomplish almost every goal that I have achieved.  From wanting  to expand my office  to making the outside of my building more eye catching,  to more personal things like getting in shape and building muscle;  the vision board was always my go to when achieving goals.  It was also my go to when I wanted to make a larger income than I was making. In every instance it worked like a charm.   Here are a few things to think about when putting together a vision board (or dream board whichever you prefer to call it.)

  1. You better know your goals and you better have them written down. The reason this is important is because we need to decide which goals we want to put on your vision board and in which different areas of your life. For example: life, health, professional, relationships, etc.
  2. Next, you want to find relevant pictures, quotes and whatever else you may want to put together to match your goals. For example:  Lets say you find the perfect body in a magazine or online that you envision as your ideal body. Print it or cut it out!  You should then either Photoshop your head on this body or cut it out of the magazine and place your head attached to the body.  This will help you imagine your body exactly how you want it.
  3. Next, you want to decide where you want to place them whether it be a corkboard in your office, the background of your computer screen, or both. Whatever works for you and is going to be in front of you the most is what you should use.  If I was trying to build my ideal body like in the above example I would put it as the background on my phone. This would be a constant reminder to me throughout the day of what my goal was and it would help me consume the proper foods, watch what I eat, and motivate me to workout.

A vision board helps you provide extreme clarity and also helps you focus on your goals daily.  Once your masterpiece is done don’t be afraid to sit down, look at it and meditate.  The final thing that I will caution you of is that creating the vision board isn’t the last step in the process. Once you’re done with your vision board you need to make sacrifices and steps towards making these goals and visions come true each and every day.  So many people don’t do the final step and it is the most critical step in the process!

Please share with us how a vision board has helped you below.


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