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Mid-Year Check In

M&S 6.2.16

June is here! How is that possible? Weren’t we just talking about our New Year’s Resolutions and what

goals we had for 2016? Well, we are officially 28 days away from the halfway point of the year. Now is a

great time to do the following:

1) Read over all of your annual and monthly goals. You should take a few minutes to read over

the goals and tasks you had set out to accomplish and put checkmarks next to the things that

are completed. You should also look at the things that you feel like you could complete by June

30 th and put those at the top of your priority list for the coming weeks.

2) Adjust your goals for the remainder of the year. Take some time to think about what goals

need to be adjusted or that you need to spend more time on to make sure you are where you

want to be at the end of the year. Are there any areas where you’ve really succeeded that you

could increase your goal? Or are there areas you need to focus more attention on?

3) Reward Yourself. If you made monthly, semi-annual, and yearly goals for yourself then now is

the time to reward yourself for the monthly and semi-annual goals that you were able to

achieve. Rewarding yourself for the things you accomplish is a vital part of goal setting! If you

don’t reward yourself what are you working for?

4) Stay Focused. It’s easy to get sidetracked during the summer with ball games, nice weather, and

vacations. Now is a vital time to stay on schedule and remain focused. Oftentimes June, July,

and August are slower months for sales and production, but they don’t have to be. Use these

months to focus on your goals and beat your competition.

5) Fill Out This Grow Worksheet. GROW stands for Goals, Reality, Options, and Way Forward. Set

aside a half hour of your time and go through this worksheet and answer each question

thoroughly. You will be amazed at how it helps your progress throughout the year.


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