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What Motivates You?

I am the Human Resource Manager for our company and we currently have an open position within our company, so last week I had 5 interviews. One question that was brought up during all the interviews was what motivates you? Currently all of our employees have been here for a minimum of three years and often times it’s hard to distinguish what motivates people who have been with the company for so long. So I jotted down some notes regarding every interviewees answers and I was really surprised by how much they differed. Below are their responses:

  • Motivated by money– This person wasn’t necessarily motivated by a starting pay. She stated that she was motivated by small bonuses throughout the year when it was made apparent that she was going above and beyond in her job.
  • Motivated by job title– I was very surprised by this one, because in all my years of being in this position I realized how much someone’s job title means to them. To be able to say you’re the Executive Manager of a company opposed to a Manager at a company really motivated this individual. This statement made me think about the job titles of current employees and how we could reward individuals throughout their tenure with job titles with more meaning.
  • Motivated by additional time off– He was adamant that the thing that would motivate him most was additional paid time off to spend with his kids and wife. Being a business man he stated that he has to provide for his family but that sometimes he wishes he had more time to spend with them away from the office.
  • Motivated by additional responsibility– This individual believed that if she worked hard and was given additional responsibility that she would continue to work hard for the company. She stated that in return she would probably be compensated for additional responsibility, but her number one motivator was feeling that she held more responsibility in the company.
  • Motivated by making others feel good– This individual held a soft spot in my heart because she was so sincere when she said her number one motivator is helping other people succeed and feel good. She felt that when you motivate and help others you are rewarded in a number of different ways.

This question really opened my eyes to the fact that everyone is motivated by something different. What motivates you and why?


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