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5 Essentials to an Incredible Attitude

Incredible Attitude

  • Take responsibility– So many people get this wrong by blaming others for their bad day or bad attitude. Remember, no one can put you in a bad mood without your consent. Your attitude is your problem and the minute you understand this and take responsibility of it you can begin to take back control of it.


  • Help someone else – This is one of the easiest ways to boost your spirits. If you take the time and do something to help someone less fortunate than you without expecting anything in return you will see a dramatic shift in your attitude.  I can promise  you that making a habit of this will boost your mood and attitude.


  • Use a gratitude journal – This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to change your attitude. I will admit it takes discipline to make this a habit. One thing that is for sure is when you are giving thanks it is not possible to have a negative thoughts or a bad attitude.


  • Use positive self-talk and positive talk with others- So many people don’t realize they are doing this most of the time. Make sure you are not saying things like “I am so stupid” or “I am a loser.” It may be intended to be funny or not to hurt anyone but the sub-conscious mind picks up on things like this, so if you hear it enough you will start to believe it.  Make sure that instead of doing that  you are saying things like “I am a winner”, “I love myself”, “today is going to be an awesome day,” etc. This will program your mind to have the right attitude.



  • Celebrate your wins, even the small ones. (I use a victory journal)- This is great for not only your attitude but your self-esteem. Years ago I started to write down all the small things that I accomplished during the day and it was amazing how they started to add up and make me feel great right before I went to bed.  I thought this was so important that I created my own “Victory Journal” that we sell and give away to our coaching clients. Also, make sure you stop and smell the roses. By this I mean if you have a goal that you are working on during the week and you accomplish it, do something nice like take your significant other to dinner or a movie.  This will make it seem like it was worth something and will program your mind to stay positive for the next win.

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