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Developing a Gratitude-Filled Mindset

It’s not always easy to learn the skill of gratefulness, especially when you’re going through a difficult time. But once you begin to see the little positives in your life, you pave the way for seeing the bigger ones you’re currently overlooking. Developing a sense of gratitude doesn’t just make you more content with the fact that you don’t have something—it helps you direct your thought patterns toward what you do have. This allows your thoughts to shift to noticing and appreciating the good things about your family, your job, your home, your friends and so much more.

One of the most powerful things about practicing gratitude is that you can begin your journey toward significant change today—right now. The first step is to write down everything good about your life. The things you write don’t have to be big or important. Something as simple as “I had cup of tasty, hot coffee this morning” is perfect. The point is to begin to see and appreciate the small positives in your life so that you can free your mind, and your attitude, to see the bigger ones.

Once you’ve started your list, you’ll begin to acknowledge that not everything is bad in your life. This acknowledgment will help you break free from the negativity holding you back from your ideal life.

This process will help you find both the big and small things that deserve your gratitude. It’s been designed to help you highlight specific areas of your life in which you may not always see the positive side and dig deeper to extract these gratitude tidbits.


Use a gratitude journal as a place to list or describe what you’re grateful for and to help jumpstart your mind into finding things to be grateful for on days when that seems to be an impossible task.

As the days and weeks go by, you’ll begin to notice how much easier it is to find good things in your life. Your overall attitude toward yourself and those around you will improve. Not only a great way to record what you’re grateful for, this journal can also be used to help you develop your appreciation for life and the people in it. Take a few minutes each evening to write something in that day’s entry. By the time you’ve finished the book, you’ll be amazed at the record you’ve compiled of the wonderful life you lead—a discovery that will fill your heart with thankfulness and help you create a life filled with joy.

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