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Run Your Own Life


Your Happiness

Wow, what a true statement! If you do not take control of your life and what you want

from it someone else will and you might not be pleased with the outcome. Only you can decide

what you would like to do for the rest of your life. No one else can make another successful or

cause them to be a failure. Only you can determine whether or not you will be successful based

on what you believe you can do and then what you proceed to do. If you tell yourself that you

can do something and work towards that something, eventually you will reach your goal. But if

you sit back and expect someone else to make you successful you will be waiting a very long

time. Additionally, don’t allow someone else to convince you that you cannot do something you

truly want to do that is within your ability to do.

All of us must have a means to support ourselves financially but only we can determine

how we will make make a living and be happy while doing it. Within certain restrictions, we all

have an opportunity to run our lives as successfully or unsuccessfully as we are willing to accept.

The restrictions I am referring to involve how we are willing to work with others. For example, if

an individual desires to be a mail carrier but only deliver mail at night he or she has a problem.

This particular individual will have to bend to society’s restrictions that mail is delivered during

the day. But overlooking that type of restraint, as long as an individual meets the qualifications

of a mail carrier, he or she may become one.

Therefore, do not allow anyone to run your life but yourself! If you believe you can do it

you can. Believing you can do something is the first step towards success but if you don’t have

faith that you can do it you won’t! Believe in yourself, take control and run your life before

someone else does for you. I sincerely hope you are now inspired enough to make a decision to

take control of your life and do it.


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