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Weed Your Mind


Astrid Alauda once stated “You must weed your mind as you would weed your garden”. After reading this quote I started to determine exactly what Astrid meant. This thought process triggered me to think back to the many years I planted a garden and all the effort I put into removing the weeds that invariably would grow much better than whatever vegetable I planted. If the weeds were not removed they would take over my garden and eventually all that would be growing would be the weeds.

Weeding your mind of negative or detrimental thoughts is very much like removing weeds from a garden. Your positive thoughts must be allowed to thrive and control your mind without being hindered by depressing or negative thoughts. I can remember all the time and effort I put into weeding my garden and must ask myself if my own mind does not merit at least the same amount of effort?

I certainly do not want to be a person that others refer to as a “real downer” therefore I definitely need to weed my mind of any thoughts that might overtake my positive and motivating thoughts. Additionally, how can I personally advance and improve if my mind is overrun with thoughts that might be considered weed thoughts. Allowing these weed thoughts to continue to thrive will certainly have an impact on my ability to improve and grow.

After coming to the realization that in order to be successful in improving my life I must be as diligent in weeding my mind as I was in weeding my garden, I changed how I dwell on negative thoughts – I don’t. From that moment of recognizing how harmful weed thoughts can be, I determined to nip them in the bud just as I did the weeds in my garden. Why focus energy on thoughts that might prevent me from being successful in my life? Therefore, I am being extremely diligent in removing any harmful negative thoughts before they have a chance to root. Thank you Astrid for planting the seed to weed my mind!


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