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Be Yourself


Oscar Wilde is credited with the statement “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. In my opinion too many individuals are trying to emulate or look like someone else that they lose sight of who they are. If you lose sight of the unique individual you are to copy someone else, you will have difficulty developing into the successful individual you are meant to be. You will spend so much time and effort trying to copy someone else superficially that there will not be enough time to devote to improving yourself so you may be successful in life.

I think we need to be content with who we are because we are unique individuals that no one else can totally copy. I am not saying there is no need to improve or better ourselves but the focus should be on improving ourselves internally not copying someone else’s outward appearance. An individual sporting spiked purple hair might attract attention, but is it the type of attention you truly desire? Besides, how many of us will be comfortable being seen in public with purple spiked hair?

If there are positive virtues that others have exhibited to become successful that is one thing that you might want to follow. Typically, that type of virtue would be an internal improvement not an attention seeking outward display. Be careful to embrace your differences and uniqueness because there is only one of you. Do not try to be someone you are not or you might lose the opportunity to become the great person you were born to be.


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