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Gratitude Jar

Little Things

I remember when I was growing up my grandparents had this antique milk jug in their bedroom. It was one of those glass, tall and narrow jugs with the handles that were used years ago. I vividly remember visiting them and looking into that jar that they would drop their daily coins into. The jug served as somewhat of a “savings” account for them. Every day they’d empty their pockets and drop their empty coins in there and as the months wore on that jug would get closer and closer to being filled. I never asked what the money went towards but I remember looking at that jar and wishing that I had that much money, because at the time all those coins added up to something magnificent in a seven year-olds brain.

I was thinking about that jar last night as I emptied my pockets and threw my change on the counter. It got me thinking about what other things we just throw around and don’t have an appreciation for. The more I got to the thinking about it, the more I realized that you wouldn’t just need to have a jar to throw your loose change in, what if you had a jar that at the end of the day you threw in a post-it note with what you were grateful for that day. A gratitude jar!

I challenge each of you to create a gratitude jar, can, mug, etc. and at the end of the day drop at least one note in it to remind yourself what you’re grateful for. You never know what child, spouse, grandchild, or friend that that gratitude jar could help. Not to mention what you will gain from the gratitude jar. It could be something as magnificent as I envisioned as a seven year old!


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