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Music Is My Escape

Music Speaks

Yesterday was one of those days where you wake up and the minute your feet hit the floor everything just seems to go wrong. I went to grab my phone off the nightstand and it fell out of my hand crashing onto the floor. So I grabbed the phone just in time to see the dog chewing on my feather down comforter. Please not today. I’m not off to a good start already. So I jumped in the shower quick (ten minutes later than normal since I couldn’t find anything to wear for the day) and I decided I was going to put Pandora (music app) on. I turned it to my favorite station, Florida Georgia Line, and I blasted the music at 6:30 a.m.

While blaring the music this quote came to mind; “One good thing about music; when it hits you, you feel no pain.” –Bob Marley. I took a few minutes to ask myself, how bad is today? So you dropped your phone. Did the phone crack? Was it broken? No, so why are you so worked up about it? As far as the dog chewing the blanket; is that really different than any other day? Plus, he spared the carpet and your favorite pair of Uggs, that’s a good thing right?

Music is always my go to when I’m having a bad day or going through a rough time. How many of you have started your days like that? Have you tried music to help get you back on the right track?


Comment below with what your favorite type of music is or which artist you like to listen to when you’re just having an “off” day.

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