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Count Your Blessings



I recently watched a documentary called “The Alzheimer’s Project” which followed seven families as they dealt with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. As tears welled up in my eyes during all the stories and I turned the TV off, I had a hard time gathering my thoughts. This disease is affecting millions of Americans, whether it’s the person being diagnosed, their family members, their friends, or their caregivers. After watching the show I realized how much we take for granted every day. Our brain is involved with every aspect of our day, so it is heart wrenching to see this disease affect millions of American’s every day. Sometimes, we become so wrapped up in our day to day lives that we forget how fortunate we are to do such simple tasks as driving a car, brushing our teeth, or changing our clothes. I am someone who has seen Alzheimer’s disease affect my family members and I think it is important to look at all aspects of our lives and see how fortunate we are to have the ability to do such simple tasks during the day. Today I ask that you take a deep look at the “simple” tasks you do and be grateful for your ability to do them. You might look at your day a whole new way!

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