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Entrepreneurs Don’t Fall Into This Trap!


This post is a re-post that originally appeared on LinkedIn. This is re-posted with permission from the author, TC Bradley, who you can find on LinkedIn or on his website, TCBradley.com

There are times in our life that seem magical.

When all of the stars align and the skies seem to part and you “know that you know” that you are supposed to do something.

Some call this an “Aha moment”.

Whether it is a new direction or pathway to take, perhaps even a new business to start, a new book to write or simply a better way to live than you have been living.

You are 100% crystal clear on what you are supposed to do.

These aha moments are divine in nature because during those moments, nothing is impossible to you.

You know at the very core of your being that you have literally touched the heavens and you are supposed to take an inspired course of action.

However, your excitement is fleeting as you season these “aha moments” with time.

The longer you delay taking action on your “aha moments”, the less likely they are to be achieved.

Your initial excitement wears off when you come face to face with the ‘reality” of your situation.

Gone and long forgotten is the divine inspiration when nothing was impossible to you.

My guess is that most everyone has had a million dollar idea before, only to do nothing with it and only to later discover that someone else had the same idea; the only difference being that they took the action.

I have always believed that wealth is attracted to speed and here is exactly why.

The quicker you can execute and take action on your “aha moments”, the more wealth you will create.



The longer you delay taking the action, the more you will begin to talk yourself out of what you know you’re supposed to do.

Even if you are successful in not talking yourself out of your dream, there will be someone whom you share your dream with that will attempt to somehow talk you out of it.

They share their insights and have no problems telling you all of the reasons why your dream is not possible and they remind you of all of your past failures.

Understand and never forget this…Your past does not equal your future.

What matters and what will echo through eternity, are the actions you take TODAY!

Always has, always will.

Then there are those people who advise you to be “realistic”.

Realistic is code for settling for less than you deserve.

Do not expect others to “see” what you see or understand your dream.

Your “AHA moment” or dream was given to you not them.

Living with someone else’s decision is worse than dying, whether you live a long life or a short life – it’ll seem too long every single day.

Leaders and Entrepreneurs do not trust their dreams or ” aha moments” with those that will never understand them.

The gold goes to the courageous and those that take the action.

Be courageous and take the action on your “aha moments”.

Do not delay or talk yourself out of them or worse yet, allow someone who was not given your dream to talk you out of your dream.

God gave YOU the dream for a reason; he did not give me YOUR dream.

If He gave you the dream, then you can trust that He also gave you the ability to make it happen.

Plant your flag and stake your claim and TRANSFORM your 2015!

TC Bradley

You can find TC and Vickie Bradley’s book, “God Says When! (Christian Living Through Prayer and Healing) through the link below.



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