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I Believe In You

I was recently looking through a number of websites looking for some fun and wacky facts to use for a trivia game I was creating for an extracurricular event outside of work. That’s when I saw that tomorrow, January 24th, is “National Compliment Day.” Is there really a day for this? Why yes, yes there is. National Compliment Day began in 1998 to remind people that compliments provide a quick and easy way to connect positively with those you come in contact with.

It made me think about what it is that makes us compliment others. Is it a “national day” that urges everyone to compliment someone? I sincerely hope not. Is it because your heart tells you to compliment another because it’s truly how you feel at that moment in time? Hopefully, this is the case.

Have you ever given someone a compliment and then felt bad, sad, or mad about it? Have you ever received a compliment and walked away wishing the person who complimented you wouldn’t have said anything? Of course, not. Compliments are rewarding to give and even more rewarding and certainly enjoyable to receive.

So why don’t we dish out more compliments? Do we forget because we’re too wrapped up in our own lives that we don’t pay attention to the positive attributes of those around us? I don’t have the proper answer for that, but I do know I need to slow down and offer compliments to those around me more frequently.

Since tomorrow is “National Compliment Day”, I challenge all of you to compliment one person. You never know the impact it will have on someone’s day.


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