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Health and the New Year: Make the Time Now or It Will Demand It Later…

New YearI recently read an article that 99% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by the 1st of February (Mary Morrissey, 2014) and I was not surprised given some of the experiences I have seen coaching over the years.  But here’s the deal. If you are considering a lifestyle change for the New Year (notice I didn’t say diet because diets don’t typically work) lets share some perspective on this.

You probably have either read or heard my story and the health problems I went through in the past. If not, here is the short version.  I worked really hard, became extremely stressed, then became terribly ill. I almost lost my life and had 4 major life changing surgeries.  Don’t worry, I am completely healthy now but here is my point: I now make time to work out 5 to 6 times a week which can be anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour and a half.  I also meditate to reduce stress.

If you don’t make a conscious choice to make time for your health now, eventually you will be forced to make time for all the illnesses that can come from ignoring it.  The thing is these illnesses usually put us out of commission for way longer than exercising and eating right from the beginning, not to mention the financial burden that they bring too. If I would have taken little baby steps each and every day, I may not have been in the situation I was in in the past.  Learn how to master this and become self-disciplined and this won’t just be another wasted New Year’s Resolution!

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