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Act Like a Duck!

One of my favorite sayings reflecting one of my philosophies is “act like a duck”. When I tell individuals to act in this manner they look at me like I might need to be committed. I might but not for this reason or this particular way of thinking.
A duck has the remarkable ability to have the water roll off it as it paddles through whatever body of water it is on. I think an individual needs to develop this same ability when confronted by negativity spewed by any individuals around them. A duck repels water whereas the individual would be repelling negativity. Negativity can be a real downer and can affect those exposed by dampening their spirits and sapping their energy.
I have noticed when I act like a duck and let the negativity around me roll off just like water off the swimming duck I feel much better and have more energy. I know numerous individuals who appear not to be happy unless they are complaining and are negative about the world in general. When I refuse to accept or react to their negativity, after time they will cease to display their negativity around me. Therefore, acting like a duck has improved my world and hopefully those around me and possibly even the individual projecting all the negativity. Consequently, I will continue to act like a duck!!


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