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Have you ever had a time in your life where you just felt like the world was against you? Was giving up an option or were you going to prove the world wrong no matter what you had to do? The choice to give up is never an option for my husband and that is the exact reason why I fell in love with him. He will do anything and everything he has to in order to be successful. Life hasn’t always been easy for him but he finds a way to make things work and he will never settle for being mediocre. Below are two excerpts from a submission he made to the book “Stories of Perseverance” which piggy backs off of the book “Developing Perseverance.” You can get your free copy of “Developing Perseverance” today here.

(Excerpts by Travis Cooper, Head Football Coach at Wauseon High School, OH)

“After my senior season of football, I decided that I didn’t care if I had to take out $100,000 in loans in my own name, I was going to break the mold. I was going to go to college and FINISH. Graduation came, and I’d enrolled in a small, private college about an hour and a half from home. There, not only would I further my education, but I’d continue with my passion—football.”

“Perseverance is the trait that got me to that point, but it didn’t come solely from within me. It came from within us. My mom, my dad, and my brother. Now when I walk into my classroom each year, there are 125 young people who probably have stories similar to mine. So many doubts. So many limitations. So many hurdles. Some of those students don’t have parents who encourage them to break the mold, to form their own path and not let the decisions and outcomes of their parents dictate their future. I tell my story. I let them know that being poor, living in a mobile home, not having the “cool” clothes, not having the perfect, cookie-cutter life doesn’t dictate their future. For every person out there who gives you reasons you can’t do something, there is another who will prove to you that you can do whatever you want. Just believe. Life is good!”

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