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Pay It Forward

Today, I was going through the drive-thru at Tim Hortons and I went to go pay for my coffee and the cashier smiled and said “Your order was taken care of by the fine young gentleman ahead of you.” I surprisingly smiled back and said “wow, what a great way to start this rainy day, I will be sure to pay it forward.” As I drove away I pondered what encourages people to “pay it forward.” Is that what fuels their fire? Are they going through a difficult time? Did someone do a random act of kindness for them? Regardless, what really matters is this person has influenced my life without even saying a word to me and has encouraged me to “pay it forward” and do something to better myself. Has anyone ever done a random act of kindness for you, and if so, what was it? Did you pay it forward?
I encourage you all to do something today that will impact someone that you have never talked to or met before. After you do so, reply with how it made you feel

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