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Psychology of Sales a Number 1 Bestseller on Amazon!

Dennis M. Postema, President/Owner of Postema Insurance & Investments, LLC in Defiance, Ohio and founder of Motivation and Success released his book Psychology of Sales: From Average to Rainmaker and reached bestseller status on the popular online store, amazon.com.

The book was released on August 22nd and reached the number one bestseller status on September 12th.

Psychology of Sales: From Average to Rainmaker aims to show people how to understand the psychology of their customers in order to present their products the right way for each individual shopper. It also shows how important their customer’s personality is to whether they will or won’t make a sale. Readers also learn how to work with some of the more challenging attitudes of potential buyers while still compelling them to commit and complete that sale.

Dennis has spent over a decade in the insurance and retirement industry researching the best ways to safe-guard his client’s retirement money. He has also become a bestselling author and motivational speaker. He is also the founder of Motivation and Success, a website which aims to help people set realistic goals, help people plan for financially stable lives, and most importantly to help people in their path to success.

The book can be found in the online store here.

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