Are You Dependable?

7 Tips for Self-Improvement   As a business owner I can tell you there is nothing more frustrating than working with someone you can’t depend on.  The one thing I always strive to be is someone that people, customers, co-workers and coaching clients can always depend on.  Here are some tips so that you can […]


Steve Jobs

If someone were to ask you to name the first thing that came into your mind when you heard the word ‘Apple’ some may think : iPhone, iPad, Mac, or  maybe even fruit, but when I hear the word “Apple” the first thing that pops in my mind is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a […]

Finding Your Mojo

Finding Your Mojo

What is mojo? That’s a question I’d asked myself many times over the last few years. To me, mojo was someone’s ability to command a room. It was the devastating combo of personality and style. But now I’ve come to realize it’s more than that. A strong personality certainly can make you seem more likable, […]


Entrepreneurs Don’t Fall Into This Trap!

This post is a re-post that originally appeared on LinkedIn. This is re-posted with permission from the author, TC Bradley, who you can find on LinkedIn or on his website, TCBradley.com.  There are times in our life that seem magical. When all of the stars align and the skies seem to part and you “know […]

Using Psychology to Boost Your Sales

Using Psychology to Boost Your Sales

Psychology can be used in a lot of ways to help people live a better life. But can it be used to increase your sales potential? It sure can! Think about the best salesperson you have ever encountered.  Chances are he had a way of getting into his prospect’s head and figuring out how to […]

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I Believe In You

I was recently looking through a number of websites looking for some fun and wacky facts to use for a trivia game I was creating for an extracurricular event outside of work. That’s when I saw that tomorrow, January 24th, is “National Compliment Day.” Is there really a day for this? Why yes, yes there […]