Be Yourself

    Oscar Wilde is credited with the statement “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. In my opinion too many individuals are trying to emulate or look like someone else that they lose sight of who they are. If you lose sight of the unique individual you are to copy someone else, you will […]



Today’s blog post is titled “Thankful Thursday.” With summer approaching we were thinking of how thankful we were for the nice weather we have been having. We did a poll in the office and here were 10 responses we got for what people were thankful for:   1) I am thankful for my dog. No […]

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Mother’s Know Best!

Meriam-Webster Dictionary defines “mother” as: (noun) “a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.” Yes, that definition is politically correct but when we look at our mother’s we all have a different definition of them. In recognition of Mother’s Day this weekend I thought I would define a […]

Happy Global Pay it Forward Day!

Pay It Forward Day

Today is Global Pay It Forward Day. Some people pay it forward everyday (sometimes even multiple times a day.) But do you ever think about why you should pay it forward? According to the Pay It Forward website (payitforwardday.com) these are the reasons people should pay it forward: To encourage all of us to embrace […]


Start, Finish or BOTH?

I had just started a new job and the owner of the company asked all the employees to read a book called “Achieve Sales Excellence.” I was like “oh great he is one of these guys!”  However, the book left a huge footprint on my life. In the book, the author talks about two different […]


What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

There will always be trials and tribulations in this life. No matter what you read, or what anyone else says, this is a tough but real fact of life. There will always be stumbling blocks, obstacles, and challenges that you will face one way or the other. It’s rough but it’s real, and since there […]