Happy Birthday, Kenny!

Today’s blog is dedicated to Kenny Chesney. Kenny Chesney’s 47th birthday is today! As an avid country music fan, Kenny Chesney ranks at the top of my list of favorite celebrities. For Kenny’s birthday I thought I would list some of my favorite lyrics from Kenny’s songs. He is a regular on my Pandora list […]


Gratitude Jar

I remember when I was growing up my grandparents had this antique milk jug in their bedroom. It was one of those glass, tall and narrow jugs with the handles that were used years ago. I vividly remember visiting them and looking into that jar that they would drop their daily coins into. The jug […]


Music Is My Escape

Yesterday was one of those days where you wake up and the minute your feet hit the floor everything just seems to go wrong. I went to grab my phone off the nightstand and it fell out of my hand crashing onto the floor. So I grabbed the phone just in time to see the […]


Count Your Blessings

  I recently watched a documentary called “The Alzheimer’s Project” which followed seven families as they dealt with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. As tears welled up in my eyes during all the stories and I turned the TV off, I had a hard time gathering my thoughts. This disease is affecting millions of Americans, […]


Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss’ 111th birthday is today! Most famously known for his children book’s but he was an author that inspired every one of his readers, however big or small, young or old. Here are some of his most inspiring quotes! “Kid, you’ll move mountains!” – Dr. Seuss “And will you succeed! Yes you will indeed! […]


10 Tips to Make Monday Magnificent!

Prepare the Night Before: The best way to start any day is by planning it the night before.If you procrastinate on this you may want to try planning your Monday the Friday before. Dress for Success: One of the best ways to feel good is to be dressed in attire that makes you feel confident […]